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Grant Program

Neurochain AI's Grant Program accelerates AI adoption, provides resources, and shapes the future of decentralized AI.
Neurochain AI's goal is to become the biggest AI dApp store in the world. This Developer Grant Program is aimed at accelerating the adoption of AI across all industries and expanding the utilization of decentralized AI worldwide. It presents a unique opportunity for developers and projects to join the Neurochain AI infrastructure and receive substantial benefits in building AI dApps.
Some of the benefits of building on Neurochain AI include:
  • Development Grants: For AI solutions that are in line with the roadmap and the targets of Neurochain AI.
  • AI models: Ready-to-use AI models (LLM, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Image generation AI, custom proprietary models) as a service with Pay-as-you-Go pricing.
  • Decentralized inference network: Community-powered decentralized GPU network for scaling your AI models and solutions.
  • Model fine-tuning: Models fine-tuning for more accurate results on your datasets.
  • Training of your models: Infrastructure to train your own models with your dataset.
  • Data-as-a-Service: High-quality datasets for AI model training for various purposes (COMING in 2024).
  • Datasets-validation-as-a-Service: Community-driven dataset validation to bring it to the highest quality (COMING in 2024).
  • Model-validation-as-a-Service: Validation of AI model results via community feedback (COMING in 2024).
  • Mentorship, Knowledge exchange, Guidance: The space is changing too quickly for any one individual or organization to keep up with pace. Building AI together accelerates growth and progress.
  • Community: Growing together and helping each other along the way.
  • Growing customer base: A growing interest in the AI dApp store is a source of business for your AI solutions.
We hope that these resources can empower developers and projects to explore innovative AI use cases, create cutting-edge AI models, and integrate them seamlessly within the infrastructure.
We encourage developers and projects passionate about AI and its transformative potential to seize this opportunity and apply to the Neurochain AI Grant Program.
Together we will shape the future of decentralized AI.
Apply now and embark on a journey of innovation and success with Neurochain AI.
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