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For Developers

Use Neurochain AI to accelerate the building, launching, and using of AI-powered dApps.
Neurochain AI provides a variety of services for developers building on the infrastructure such as:
  • AI models: Ready-to-use AI models (LLM, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Image generation AI, custom proprietary models) as a service with Pay-as-you-Go pricing.
  • Decentralized inference network: Community-powered decentralized GPU network for scaling your AI models and solutions.
  • Model fine-tuning: Models fine-tuning for more accurate results on your datasets.
  • Train your own models: Infrastructure to train your own model with your dataset.
  • Data-as-a-Service: High-quality datasets for AI model training for various purposes.
  • Datasets-validation-as-a-Service: Validate your dataset using community feedback to bring it to highest-quality.
  • Model-validation-as-a-Service: Validate your AI model results via community feedback.
  • SDK tools: An all-in-one package of libraries, a compiler, and debugger, it simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for base-level coding.
  • Hosting of your AI models: Contrinute your AI models for royalties.
  • Growing customer base: A growing interest in the AI dApp store is a source of business for your AI solutions.
  • Community: Growing together and helping each other along the way.