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Shaping the future of AI, together - where community contribution meets cutting-edge technology, and everyone wins.
Neurochain AI is set to become a one-stop AI hub, offering tailored solutions for all users. Alongside providing a platform for growth in AI, Neurochain AI incentivizes participation with $NCN rewards.
Get $NCN for:
  • Mining AI. It’s like mining crypto, just with a purpose. We all agree - the future is AI and the need for AI computation power is only going to skyrocket over the next decade. Contribute your GPU & CPU to the network by running a Neurochain AI Worker-Node and get $NCN while powering up the greatest AI applications on the planet.
  • Training AI. Participate in fun, quiz-like data validation, test AI models, and earn $NCN for accurate responses and feedback.
  • AI Models testing: While using AI models will rate/rank the results of AI Models and earn $NCN for doing so.
  • Earn $NCN for Data processing: Users will be able to do data processing via our Neurochain app, and participants will be rewarded $NCN.
  • Spreading awareness. Awareness and the right community are equally important to the success of Neurochain AI. Join as the brand ambassador and earn $NCN for bringing the right kind of attention to the future of decentralized AI.
Use $NCN for:
  • On-demand AI service. You’re the insider. $NCN unlocks instant access to all the advanced AI models on Neurochain AI. Whether you need quick answers or want to explore AI capabilities, empower your daily life with AI and discover the unlimited possibilities it brings.
  • AI-powered dApps. Neurochain AI is home to a growing array of AI-driven dApps for automating processes and solving a variety of business problems. Exchange $NCN into ready-made AI services.
  • Anything else across Web3. $NCN is a native coin of Neurochain AI blockchain. You can use it just like any other crypto coin across the Web3 ecosystem.
  • All-in-one platform for AI services: Chatbot / Virtual assistant, Image generation, Speech to text, and others.