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L2 (OP-Stack)

Neurochain.AI's EVM Blockchain OP-Stack boosts dApp scalability and efficiency, enabling secure, high-capacity transactions for a streamlined user experience.
The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Blockchain OP-Stack is a groundbreaking solution within the Neurochain.AI ecosystem, meticulously designed to augment scalability, efficiency, and overall performance of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. By harnessing the prowess of Optimism technology, the EVM Blockchain OP-Stack imparts a layer of scalability and throughput enhancements to the Neurochain.AI infrastructure.
At its essence, the EVM Blockchain OP-Stack merges Optimistic Rollups, a Layer 2 scaling solution, with the EVM. This fusion facilitates off-chain processing of transactions and smart contract executions while preserving the security and trustworthiness of the foundational Neurochain.AI blockchain. By capitalizing on Optimistic Rollups, the EVM Blockchain OP-Stack considerably amplifies the network's transaction capacity and throughput, enabling a more extensive number of transactions to be processed in a more economical manner.
The OP-Stack is crafted to be fully compatible with existing infrastructure, including smart contracts and dApps. This compatibility ensures that developers can smoothly migrate their projects to the Neurochain.AI ecosystem, reaping the benefits of amplified scalability and efficiency without necessitating substantial modifications or rewrites.
By embracing the EVM Blockchain OP-Stack, dApp developers can circumvent the constraints of the mainnet, such as high fees and network congestion, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of the robustness and security of the EVM network. This empowers a more streamlined and cost-effective user experience, unlocking new prospects for mass adoption and broad-based utilization of dApps.